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Why this blog?? I often find myself stressing over what to make for my family for dinner. We live a busy life and some meals need time to prep, cook and let's not forget shopping for everything you need. I love cookbooks and websites, but there are so many recipe's at times it is overwhelming. The recipe's I will be posting are things I actually made. I will tell you if they are easy or more time consuming. I will also tell you if they are good. Most of these are recipe's I have made for years and continue to make because they are easy or quick and my family loves them and i know yours will too! I will also try to at least once in a whlie try a new recipe I've found on line or in a book and honestly rate it. I always encourage others to send me their favorite recipe's as well! I am a mom... not a chef. But I am a mom who enjoys cooking for her family and making a somewhat healthy meal (some days more healthy than others:) ) In each recipe I will share how I recommend serving it, any substitutions I can think of that are also good, or ways to prepare ahead of time to make the cooking part seem quicker! I am not a photographer, as you can see... most of these pictures are taken from my phone camera, so may not be the best! I love to hear from others who have made these recipes and what they have done to change the recipe... please post comments! Thank you! To "like" me on facebook, go to this link... It's What's Cookin

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mexican Enchilada Casserole

My husband wasn't sure about this when I told him what I was making tonight, however he helped himself to seconds and said he really liked it! My 10 month old son ate a whole piece as well!! I loved it. It's simple and tastes great! Thanks to my good friend for another awesome, simple recipe!

*1/2 cup chopped sweet onion
*3/4 cup chopped green bell pepper
*2 garlic cloves minced
*1 1/2 cups cooked chicken- cubed (I took a rotisserie chicken and cut it into cubes)
        **to make this vegetarian, omit chicken and add extra beans
*1 small can corn nibblets
*1 can pinto beans
*1 can cream of celery soup (or cream of mushroom)
*1 can cream of chicken soup (or for vegetarian you can use a different cream soup)
*1/2 can milk
*1 can green chili's- (Macayo's brand)
*1 small can Rotel (I like the habanero kind, but i use the mild one if cooking for the family)
*Bag Shredded Mexican blend cheese
*yellow corn tortillas

*First saute the EVOO, onion, green bell pepper, garlic and seasoning in a pan. Once done add your chicken. Stir
*Add corn, beans, green chili's, rotel, soups, and milk. Stir and heat up (about 5 minutes) on stove top.
*In casserole pan layer as followes
    -thin layer of mixture (just enough to coat bottom of pan)
    -a layer of tortillas (ok if they over lap in places. I tore a few to cover in gaps)
    -layer of mixture
    -sprinkle cheese
    -layer of tortilla
    -layer of mixture
    -layer of cheese....
Repeat this till all mixture is done. (about 3-4 times i think). End with the layer of cheese.

Cover with foil and bake at 375 for 30 minutes.  When done, cut into squares and serve with favorite toppings!

I serve with fresh cilantro and lime slices. I also heat up a can of habanero rotel if I've made this with the mild and spoon that over the top of mine:) I'm sure sour cream and avocado slices would be great on it too as well as any hot sauce or freshly sliced jalapeno. We always serve Rice a Roni Mexican Rice on the side as well, although, the casserole itself is filling and could be a meal on its own!

cut chicken into cubes

Dice up your green peppers and onion

Saute green pepper, onion and garlic in your olive oil till tender.

Add chicken and corn and mix till heated

Add rotel, beans and green chili's

Add your soups and milk. Turn heat up and cook for 5 minutes.

start by putting a little of the mixture on the bottom of the pan. Then layer your tortillas on top of that.

Ready to put in the oven!

this is how I serve it- fresh cilantro and lime slice 
After cooked, i topped mine with habanero rotel

*** This could also be a vegetarian meal by omitting the chicken and adding extra beans

Macayo's Brand Green Chili's and hot sauce are the best with this dish. https://secure.macayo.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=10&cat=Macayo%27s+Products

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