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Why this blog?? I often find myself stressing over what to make for my family for dinner. We live a busy life and some meals need time to prep, cook and let's not forget shopping for everything you need. I love cookbooks and websites, but there are so many recipe's at times it is overwhelming. The recipe's I will be posting are things I actually made. I will tell you if they are easy or more time consuming. I will also tell you if they are good. Most of these are recipe's I have made for years and continue to make because they are easy or quick and my family loves them and i know yours will too! I will also try to at least once in a whlie try a new recipe I've found on line or in a book and honestly rate it. I always encourage others to send me their favorite recipe's as well! I am a mom... not a chef. But I am a mom who enjoys cooking for her family and making a somewhat healthy meal (some days more healthy than others:) ) In each recipe I will share how I recommend serving it, any substitutions I can think of that are also good, or ways to prepare ahead of time to make the cooking part seem quicker! I am not a photographer, as you can see... most of these pictures are taken from my phone camera, so may not be the best! I love to hear from others who have made these recipes and what they have done to change the recipe... please post comments! Thank you! To "like" me on facebook, go to this link... It's What's Cookin

Friday, January 20, 2012

Parmesan-Garlic Biscuits

These were pretty good and simple. I make monkey bread like this a lot where I dip the bread first in melted butter and then in cinnamon/sugar. I figured, why not make a dinner biscuit the same way. You can alter recipe using what you have on hand. I will put recipe how I made it but also let you know suggestions on how to alter recipe.


* 1 tub pillsbury grand biscuits (10 per roll)
* 3 T butter
* 1 garlic clove minced (or you could use garlic salt)
* small handful flat leaf parsley- chopped (optional- i used because i had some on hand)
* italian seasonings
* 1/4 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese (or parmigiano reggiano)

Spray muffin tin with pam. Preheat oven to 425. I added a pinch of parm cheese to the bottom of each as well.

Take biscuit dough and using your kitchen shears or a sharp knife, cut each piece into 4ths (or 6ths if you get biscuits that come 8 per roll). Tip, spray pam on your shears or knife before cutting so they don't stick to the dough and it makes it easier to cut.

Put your garlic and butter in a bowl and melt. Mix in any fresh herbs (parsley).

Dip each piece of dough in the butter mixture and place them all on a cutting board or cookie sheet. Sprinkle your cheese over them. Place 4-5 pieces in each muffin tin.

Sprinkle tops with some italian seasoning and more cheese if desired. Bake 8-10 minutes or until golden.
Spray pan with Pam. Add a pinch of grated cheese to the bottom of each.

Cut into smaller pices
chopping fresh parsley

added parsley to melted garlic butter

dip each piece in butter and then sprinkle with cheese

place pieces in muffin tin (my roll of 10 biscuits made 7 muffins)

I added more cheese and italian seasonings to top



Property Facility Management said...

Wow this recipe looks yummy, i like it...

it's what's cookin said...

Thanks! We really liked them:)